Making resources on popular culture and imagination available to those curious about how they relate to the Christian faith (like me), even if they don't call themselves Christian.

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Theological questions

Hi Ted, I just finished reading your book for an independent study I'm doing as a senior M.Div at Luther Seminary in Minnesota. My goal for this project is to develop an approach to pop culture which is faithful to the Lutheran perspective, but I have a few clarifying questions about your book. If you'd be interested in having some conversation about the topic, I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail address is gpowell001 [at] Peace, Gwen

Thanks for your Kingdom service.

Ted, I thoroughly enjoyed & greatly benefited from the Sunday School class you taught at Redeemer over the last few months using your Popologetics material. I am applying the steps you gave (i.e., 5 questions) for engaging popular culture in an evangelistic situation I'm currently involved with. I've taken a person's last 20 (or so) Facebook & Instagram posts & applied your questions to better evaluate their situation, where the idol lies, & how the gospel applies. I've found it very useful! I share all this to say - Don't sell short all the ways your approach & questions can serve, for while it clearly enables people to think about & engage others when it comes to popular culture, it has a direct & powerful path to better evangelizing others - a point you make, but I feel can be made even louder & more pointedly, as others share the help your approach provides & the difference it makes. Keep up the good work brother! (BTW, if you are interested in seeing the rough notes I've made regarding the evangelistic situation, I'd be glad to share them with you, though I wouldn't want them published for obvious reasons.) Tim Muse

Apologetics 315 Interview...

Ted, Just trying to contact you for an interview on You can contact me through info @ Brian

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Dear Ted, Would it be possible to get your e-mail contact? I would like to invite you to be a guest speaker for a school called School of Biblical Christian Worldview in Kiev, Ukraine. My e-mail address is hjbrenda [at] gmail [dot] com. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you. sincerely, Brenda Lee