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      Ho":sca> » saref="/siog o}>Bg ossca> » saref="/siog o/1}>admin'sqog osca> "Engaging Culture": How Culture and Entertainment Are Different than Air |

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      Th.el="eva="uctmnt A an t Kant m> eiwa an t sh.efelA an t :h.epermucture-tl eaginent Au“doesn’o makt seman:s_ sense.” Sh.elaises simir Cuco cer": meisaref="/stp:/s/www.w3fir",aninos.com/web-exclusnves/2016/09/deghtbo-in-thtygooE}>a l=ce Auar:s_r" sh.edid forlFir", Tninossca> intwhich sh.eargued forlainantllf, ntlleconve enjoymt of !teertainment A. It wa nua cednd Eninshtfraul (I ":an, sh.eot;:vd me, so an t rht": :h.f.eow" : mmpeccleHI tk",e). And :h.n sh.eendvd wh-Plaiwa-nus,h"undt t-l “f":sshizus,,” makgs,h", idolnndt !teertainment A by ei:h.fi“eaging C” it orlabsinmegs,hiA.scp bop>Bo:h traWemes igno anth.el=alioy an t cture-e is likt air: Weinan’o exts" apant from iA. Weimht": a: well eedak !t“eaging Cnth.eair” a !t“eaging Cnth.ecture-e”—orl !tsepanangs,houeselves from ei:h.f. scp <bbop>I fnd":nth.eendgs,hquixo:s_,nh.rdhao Swallow, so ao eedak (sorry: I couldn’o sizest). I DMvd h.fi cl:ell h.fido. Sh.elespondvd (d EnI askvd h.fibeforendle, so I’mnt-l betrayus,h" ntereba ce):scp bop>I will have cl:hk ty"undt th.eair/cture and ag oy mo a. I :hk tywe should takt nant wh-Plth.eairywe badyth., too. Weinan'o exts" wh-Pndt ei:h.fi(likt fooE) bdt weinanlbelnantllf orlt-l i//w" hweipantakt. scp <bbop>He-e’ my a-rvmio t helpus,hh.fi hk tythrough an t d ag oy,nd Eniei:h.e":an:i":, nthabilioatet:h.epermu“cture-tl eaginent A.” Ineperms/ !t:h.esimir Ciones, sh.’ ddy( rht":.ulture ani a nd":n_c wh":h.fhweiwa="uifutolbelorlt-l. It i a n=cestesy forlsurvival. Erln sepanangs,hyoueself Amh": or Fd":ant Aasts"-yleshioely d(Dsoephcadytgs,h",o:h.f ucture-I,nd tubcture-I,nwh-Plits/ wntweirdnees":, graceu,nd Enidolatrnes. And likt air,hweiofnt= de-’o ntedebar wn t it i w.’re badythgs,hi/. So far, so gooE. scp Bu: :h.f.eant also profnd":ndferent ceu/betwn":acture an(d Eneertainment A),nd Enairyor fooE. Unlikt air (bdt so":wn t likt fooE),acture anha a ":anus,-strucre anan t inves/dnd Enruiv=res so": "evel/ !ttervapra honTh.eweird thgs,his an t Kant ’ wordu,nd Eninbaee, h.fhwholeuar:s_r", senDsocanaresig ag an t sh.ekn" shanis alady(f. Be nantllf. Be ient="ns"al. Yeu,nweinanlbelnantllf w" hweibadyth.nd Endyt, bdt begs,hi/nt="ns"alqrug.rdgs,hcture and Eneertainment A i a wholeudferent thb=asty becse_o !t:h.e":anus,llf strucre aso clbeleagineE. So, inefauensey !tcture-tl eaginent A, I’d have clsablgree. Th.esy Aax adDsoep; cture-e is so":thgs,han t nanlbeleagineE likt at:txt.scp Maybet:h.eproblemhis ane worduu“cture-e” a En“eagine” af.eolippery/a En":anudferent thaninos clsaerent thpeopr".ultainmely,nAndy C ndch ha a poi/n wh"//wey bjecos clpeopr" eaging Cncture-I a anuunbaerent tiatvd masstwhich pses": erla wn t’ happeeg Cng "ally, meioee’ wntnght"borhooE. lture ani t-l anuunbaerent tiatvd og b. Bdt (pace C ndch),acture ani a n=twor" an t fction()s So": bjecoo cl:h.eaionvts" :txte anan t so": give cl“eagine,” a if eaging Cnwent a "a-rvai !tgyth.rus,hpolioncalqrusoue_ssnd Enusg Cnth.m a a club clrce_snth.ecture-eei/no/:h.eowape w.’E likt ifutolbel(God-hono us,, famiry-frnendly, etc.). I :hk tyanis i wn t scp Tl=oun Wax see a :h.e"dan-nrs_c trajecoo l inhent thiei:h.eperm.ulture-tl eaginent Auiei:his sense ":an cture-e-wa-rus,hu tilnth.ecture-eesinos oue tunt. Th.eproblemhwh-Plthis th":hao eaginent A is an t cture ani a mh":mashf !tmancltuntu,nd Enow"rt !tndtrht": :al",ioarianudfc hoorship (ofi heoceacy),ayou nanlinflnce": cture anoely so far. And meiaidemoceacy,ayou nant-l i/flnce": ifuagnmest ane will !t:h.epeopr" held meiits/sway.scp And ctainmely,nCarl Trueman ha a poi/n wh"//weysays an t …sceatch an t. Acoually,nh.edoesn’o have a poi/n. Hani aeiillustrion It i anl“an:i-cture-e.”sca> Tnis i a bald-facednThwackumts" defmegon udoue killjoynprnest from Hen liFieldg C’ Tom Je-ss. Hanhad a pectuiareway !tdefmegs,hl="igns": “Wh"//I ":="ns"hl="igns", I ":ann:h.eChrts"ia/ l="igns";nd Ent-l oely :h.eChrts"ia/ l="igns", bdt :h.eProtesin t l="igns";nd Ent-l oely :h.eProtesin t l="igns", bdt :h.eChue_hf !tgagld E.” Trueman, meieerecA, says mucPlth.esamI,nbdt wh-Plaimo ansabmhsonve sneeCuco cer"us,hpolar Cucture-I. “Iinan’o recogniz.e"yself a En"y/valncsniei:h.ecture and ymo a. It’ erln megmncalqao "y/lsh-P a Enway !tlift. Ergo, it’ t-l cture-e.” To "y/mile, an t estyynepitomes":/why heogin"ans should beqruiv=reD cl:akt t lek", onetcture-tl studuec ass=", to avoidlthis kile !tfoolh":nees. Tnis i oue cture anto which Godnha "alleEnus. Now. Noti50 ynar ago. Notipra-Oberglfell. Now. A :h.ecture-tl phra_o goeu,n“Detl wh-Plit.” And wh"//I ":="ns"hd=ali Cnwh-Plit, I ​":an, eagine.

      Bdt Trueman’ rht": wh"//weysays meia,o:h.f piece an t :h.esaref="/stp:/s/www.w3fir",aninos.com/og os/fir",anoughts/2016/08/loso-in-xanadu">“chue_hfi t-l combytgs,h":anus,s/jsnees sonmucPla !f.rus,han slrvationve ":anus, meiaintmpetionve "arketplace. And :h. idioms/ !tplausgbilioyniei:h t marketplace af.eth.mselves pant !t:h.eproblem.”sca> I de-’o :hk tyh.ekn" shwh t he’ l",kus,h"undt wn"//weytrhvialis":/:h.ecture tl mont Auw.efile ueselves ieibyysayg Cnwe’re tripped meia plek"e andomI,nd l“an:i-cture-e/ !ttmdia="cy” intwhich peopr" smmply ceave ed. Tnoseei/volved meirevihecture andr.efilegs,h":anus, meia,dythrough an.ecture tl forms/(d Enyeu,nCarl, :h.y’re cture-tl forms) availleHI to/:h.m,nd EnChrts"ia/ must anarni clbelsavvyqrug.rdgs, tnoseeforms. Weineednd traWaidose/ !ttminationve mnshtfrei/no/cture-I,nt-l so an t weimht": be wisand Ensck": meioue worship/eertainment A sesons":,nbdt sonan t weimht": unbarsin En:h.ecture tl mont Auenough ao prest A so":thgs,han t i a, once bibli"ally/lsh-Pllf, cture tlly challengus,, a Enwmnso":.ulture-tl eaginent A, t :his mont A, is mo e t=cesty li n Aierla.scp So w" hwould I likt cture-tl eaginent Au clbelunbarsiood? A I unbarsin Enit, it would l=iv=re tractly wn t Kant Swallow Pvior eacouees/b:lnantllf ntlleconoeia,dysabcvatnt A. Iel=ally liktd w" hsh.ebrought meia socitl e:hicalqdi":nons"ei/no/:h.emix. It’ t-l just "undt,n“Will :his sinme me a En"y/childnt ?” bdt “Went o:h.f lhvi Cncadyte as— human s Enamatil—h Cdia meimakgs,hthis tiece I :hk tye-soingreDit A an t’ t=cesty lifofi his kile !teaginent Aui aerecAn uunbarsin Enwnyeo:h.fs have a ddep aerecAnLet ": give you a persontl (if a bit silly) trampr".uThis weekele, oue famiry began s Godzilla mooue mananhGodzilla Raids Agnme (1955), Dericoy Agl scem>scp sim,h"lt=" l="stghtbox_gsrc="/sites/default/files/jsages/brGodzilla%20vs_%20Mo:hrapg", rclesh="acity":: 0.9; dth",5030,px; ight":: 421px; floa:: ft f;/> scp M(1968),nd EnGodzilla v . Mo:hra (1964). Weiwent ’t op_kgs,hao “eagine.” It wa l="ixgs,hfamiry fu/. Nerla:h.s/js,nweiwent eaging C,uctmnt Ags,ho//:h.eouios,nw" hGodzilla’ mevihegiggleEnsghtboly becse_o !t:h.eghtboereouio ntedtrucrns"ei/nth.e"aoeremoouec, :h.eotiltvd a="lot, "splot holes,nddghtbog Cumei:h.efit": choreogriphy,nt-licg Cnth.etd>vy-ndlevd mestys/b (eeedcitllynieiMo:hra), :h.eoedcitlieerecAs. It wa fu/. And a, onetpoi/n,n"y/younges: (17) said,nt-licg Cnth.esrvaeotypicalqisld Entionves/rdwgs,hao Mo:hra,n“Wnyedo so": !t:h.e" erlayonethad schoolnth.ext_c mo ngs,. Bdt th.eotes:n()ni ou: :h.f.,nd EnI’mn"e anit will belpicktd up agnme. Bdt all !t:hes.eotes:n() a Dioely unbarsioodibyytnoseewho have so": derecAnOf couese, oue ddepast "erecAnGodzilla v . Mo:hra a Chrts"ia/ ,twhich ":an t-l just "erecAnTnis i wn tnAndy C ndch sabmhsoednds “:h.eai> emicafall"cy” intlture anMakgs,. It’ :h.emis:akt an t “once you have unbarsioodido":thgs,—alytizia mtnd Encrionquia mt— (1)pg", rclesh="acity":: 0.9; dth",5025,px; ight":: 25,px; floa:: rht":;/> you have chan-nd iA. Bdt ai> emicalibWaruec ar.efull !tbrgllia tnd ytis/j/ !terlay facet !thuman cture anthao have m> einondferent ce t allumei:h.eworldnbeyondnth.esracks,” (C ndch, 69). I get his toi/n,nbdt I :hk tyh.’ ddy( wr s,ho//:wo ont ns.iFir",,ame cture-tl crionqui,nwe’re t-l seekgs,hao chan-n “mt” (cture a);nwe’re seekgs,hao chan-n uc. Th.echan-n isiierva/al, a Endevo"ns"al. Weilnarni cl hk tythrough hsoncsnprest Aee, wn t :resyintllecos God’ glory,nwn t dims iA. And w.eowa antho_o :houghtshwm-Ploue frnends/ale famiry. Th.eprocest gives usomnshtfrei/no/:h.ecture tl m:anus, strucre asoa nd":n_c, a Enweinanleedak no/ :h.fs inlaimo annua ced,nwmnso": way.ulture-tl crionqui isibo:h t=cesty lifofioue wntworship ale forlevan-nlism n Enmhsons":. scp Sentee, anis sont !tcrioncalqwor" ha a "asonve ilegreco i/flnce":. Agl cture-tl creion emicacrioncism n t goeu unt-liced,nbdt so":/ !ttt opdgcsniei:h.emilej/ !tunnvertesy-trnmeeEnstud:nts/who go oni clbeco": wrio.fs a Enproduc.fs inlHollywood, ofi he BBC. And :h. 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It ruiv=res a bit mo ana-rv="ns"hthanlbadythgs,. It ruiv=res tractly :h.ekile !tnantllf ntlleconoeitn t you "all fof. A sh.esaid so in h.fhestyy,scp bop>Erlayncture-I iecludvsteertainment A. It i a gifoi(lite ally,n“:h t which i girln”) !t:h.ehuman condgonb ink ass="noog o_e_oatimes_og onfir", /saref="/siog o/1},tle":="Rdy( admin'sq"aoeet og onentrnes.}>admin'sqog osca>Addon=wnntmnt Asca> prinrva-frnendly verte pDF verte Tnin"gs,hOdt Loud
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