Book Reception Speech for "Popologetics"

Address for Research Colloquium: Popologetics

AAU Dec. 13th, 2012

Introduction: Two Dissatisfactions

It is probably true that every book is born of dissatisfaction, some inkling that the world is missing something, that something is out of place that perhaps a good book could help fix. This book was born of two profound dissatisfactions.

The first is a dissatisfaction with the narrowness and "tone-deafness" of academic cultural studies regarding spirituality and religion. The assumption for the vast majority of work on popular culture in the academy is that if it doesn't deal primarily with political or economic concerns, then it isn't truly "critical" (that is, we have inherited Marxist assumptions about what truly matters in cultural studies). But such an approach reduces the complexity of human cultural existence. Human life and culture is about so much more than simply economics or politics. To restrict our imaginative and heuristic horizons to just two areas of human existence, as if these were the A515" /> v> claclass=:culture,/aat iral wr,es tnce,s="sf-depaat h1> yst is a dissasiticns.

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