1.  Of course, the interview that started it all:



Interview with Ted Turnau about Popologetics (using Flash if the video above did not show)

This is my schizoiphrenic self-interview. I figured that there was stuff in Popologetics that folks wouldn't agree with, so why not try to experience a hostile interview early. And who'd know my weakspots better than . . . me.


2. This is an interview I gave to Brian Auten, an American expat living in Northern Ireland. He sees his calling as providing apologetical resources to churches and individuals mostly through his website. This is a longer interview that came out early August, after Popologetics had been out in the world for a couple of months.

Apologist Interview

You can also find it on  Apologist Interview: Ted Turnau
Brian's very easy to talk to, and a good interviewer. The only thing I don't like about it is the theme-pic he used. My hair looks weird. Other than that, it's a really good intro into themes in the book.


3. This is a two-part interview with Bill Feltner recorder on July 7th, 2012. This is perhaps my favorite interview of them all. He gave me all the time in the world and asked really interesting questions (including requesting an on-the-spot analysis of a piece of popular culture). Long-ish, but worth a listen.

4. Cool blogger guy Pastor Jared Moore asked if he could interview me. I said "Sure," and he sent me an email with some really thought provoking questions, which I took some time to answer. So if you want my life-story plus some answers to common objections to the very idea of engaging with popular culture, this is the place to look (plus, I really dig the title he gave it):