The Turnaus' Movie Night Kit (Preface)

The Turnaus' Movie Night Kit

By Ted and Carolyn Turnau
(c) Theodore A. Turnau III, 2009

Dear Friends,

A friend asked us for movie recommendations and/or advice about how to run a movie night. We figured more than just one person would be interested, so Carolyn and I put together a "kit" of how to put together a movie discussion night (or, at least, how we put together our movie nights). Included in the kit are things we've learned in doing this for four years, plus the movies that we've found that have worked well for discussion, and some themes you might want to explore when showing them.
So first, a step-by-step run-down on how we prepare for and run a movie night (your situation may be different than ours, so feel free to adapt this as you need).