Date for Popologetics is released!

Hey All,

As I was putting up the links section of this website, I ran across my book, Popologetics, available for pre-order at amazon and Christian Book Distributors. CBD said the release date was April 16th, 2012. That's so cool: my Mom and brother's birthdays! I guess P&R were going to get around telling me at some point...

The other surprise I got was that the book is listed as being 448 pages! Woof! I thought it'd pan out to about 350! I hope that doesn't put people off. The way I think of it is: the book is listing at $20 bucks. That's a measley 23 cents per page! A bargain!!! Seriously, if you think it's too much, just go ahead and buy it. You don't have to read the whole thing if you don't want to. It's supposed to be a resource work (my version of Everything You Wanted to Know about Popular Culture, Plus the Kitchen Sink). So enjoy it when it comes out. Thought you'd like to know.