There Will Be Blood, La Antena, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and True Grit, and update on the book

Hey All,

Just wanted to let you know that I've added four new movies after a long hiatus (I'm a lazy blog-lord, I know). Hopefully, more to come. Much of the work on my book on popular culture is done. It will be published by P&R sometime in 2012 (May, I think). I'm thinking of posting a couple chapters on this site. Stay tuned.




thank you!

I'm not sure where the best place to comment is . . . but I wanted to thank you so much for inspiring us to do movie nights in our home - we did them every Saturday night during the summer, opened up to any adults or teens from our church who wanted to come - ended up with almost 40 total, up to 26 one evening crammed into our living room, aged 13 to mid 60s, great mixture of ages, stages, life experiences - wonderful times of discussion, tied in with Scriptures, closed off with prayer, and bracketed with lots of food (we try to do at least some food that goes with each movie, e.g. made M&M Olympic rings for Chariots of Fire; made Russian blini, pelmeni, etc for Возвращения / The Return).  I found your website when I was running a writers' workshop last year, and it definitely sparked the movie night idea in us.  We're planning to continue on a monthly basis throughout the academic year, then hope to pick it up again weekly next summer.  I appreciate all your reviews . . . it's helped me greatly in selecting a wide range of movies, both well-known and lesser known.  My personal favorite is Kitchen Stories - love it!

I want to come to YOUR movie nights!

Sounds like you have such creative food ideas. Makes me hungry just reading about it. I'm glad the site helped you. By the way, I was just thinking about two days ago how much I enjoyed Kitchen Stories. It's got such a sweetness about it. Hope the other stuff posted helps out as well. Ted

thank you!

great! lets see wat movies you added! thanks for ur work! Carla

You are very welcome.

Thanks for your comment. I really am glad to be of help to you. Ted