T. David Gordon's Letter Back to Me

Dear Readers,

My Response to T. David Gordon’s Review of "Popologetics"

My Response to T. David Gordon’s Review of Popologetics

in Ordained Servant Online, February 2013

28th February, 2013

Meaning and Community in Starcraft, and Contemporary Missions

One of the things that constantly amazes me is how human beings find depth of meaning just about anywhere and everwhere in culture. This is something that I don't think many people (Christian or not) spend much time thinking about. (Well, people like Chuck Klosterman do, but he's unusual.) This is particularly the case for computer games. Many typically dismiss gaming as time wasted, but the truth is that it is for many a deeply meaningful and moving experience.

Links to Interviews Added

Just posted a couple of links (on the "links" page; seemed like the best choice) to a couple of interviews. The first one's a Youtube self-interview, and the second is for Brian Auten's Apologetics 315 website. They're both on Popologetics. Check them out.

Further Thoughts on Ra's Al Ghul: Totalitarian "Justice," Natural Selection, Batman, Compassion, and Human Rights

[As if you needed warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!]

(Images courtesy of and copyrighted by DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures).

Reader Response: Why I'm Not (Exactly) a Conservative

Confession time: I am not the kind of writer who "doesn't give a hoot about my reviews." I do spend time tracking what people are saying, because I care deeply about whether or not Popologetics proves useful to Christians in engaging culture. That's why I wrote it, and I care. (Yeah, there is some unhealthy ego stuff involved too, no doubt. Working on it. Or rather, God's working in me on it). And, thankfully, almost all of the reviews have been positive. Until a couple of weeks ago.

Maintaining the Balance in "The Dark Knight Rises": Ra's Al Ghul, Yoda, and the Gospel

I saw "Dark Knight Rises" last week. Liked it, for the most part. I liked showing Batman as a very vulnerable, wounded hero (a clear tip of the hat to Alan Moore's brilliant Dark Knight Returns). But one thing bothered me: I could not, for the life of me, figure out why Bane wanted Gotham destroyed. It took me a while to put all the pieces together.

[Continue at your own risk: Here be spoilers!]

Antithesis and Culture Wars: A Response to Chris Oldfield

My Twitter-friend Chris Oldfield wrote an interesting blog piece called "Apologetics and Authorities 2: Presenting the Gospel." You can find it here: He asked me to respond. I was toying with just writing an uber-long comment on his blog, but since I'm such a horrible blog-lord and so rarely update content, I thought I'd respond here. Besides, who reads uber-long comments (tl;dr)?

First, let me say that there's much I agree with in Chris' position.

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